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Thumb 22 January 2020

International leader in water research helps unravel its mysteries

There's a tendency to assume that ''everything is known and understood about water considering it is so pervasive and such a simple molecule. Instead, until recently, very little was known about how water molecules line up,'' 

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Thumb 29 May 2019

One dimension of wealth caused crises in recent history: Pavan Sukhdev

​The humanity's shortsightedness has prompted us to consider one dimension of our wealth, which caused many crises in recent history, according to a prominent sustainability thought leader.​

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Thumb 27 May 2019

Growing custom-made bones from stem cells is like ‘borrowing from nature’s living library’

​Science is learning to harness the functionality of cells, the most fundamental building blocks of any living organism, by cultivating what are essentially custom-made tissues and organs. Regenerative medicine, which is rapidly expanding across the world, holds tremendous promise for improving our well-being. It includes treatments like stem cell therapy, and patients being able to grow replacement organs from their own cells, Nina Tandon, CEO and co-founder of EpiBone, the world’s first company growing living human bones for skeletal reconstruction, told a lecture hosted at the Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed.

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Thumb 15 May 2019

Extremists distorting message of Islam by manipulating religious texts: Lecture

Saeed Ali Al Shamsi and Maria Mohamed Ali Al Hatali, told a packed house at the Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed on Wednesday.

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Thumb 13 May 2019

Mohamed bin Zayed attends lecture on 'The Science of Innovation'

​Human beings hate ‘not knowing’, yet no innovation ever begins with ‘knowing’, Dr Beau Lotto told a lecture hosted at the Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed.

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