CPC Services
This service is intended for making enquiries about social benefit applications (including land plots and housing, medical treatment, job assistance, education assistance and rent paying assistance) submitted at the Crown Prince Court.
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To receive your Profile Number via (SMS), please submit your Emirates ID number.
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This service allows you to inquire about Albrza at The Crown Prince’s Majlis in Al Bateen Palace on Sunday and Tuesday. Considering that the timings for Albarza are subject to change.
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How it Works:

  • Please enter the ID Card Number, and Personal File Reference Number issued to you by the Crown Prince Court, then click the ‘Inquire’ button.
  • To identify your File Number, please enter your ID Card Number, then press the ‘Inquire’ button and you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with your file number.
  • When you enter all the information completely and correctly, all of your current applications, along with the status of each one of them, will be displayed.
  • If you did not enter the data fully and correctly, no data will be displayed.

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